Let Us Help You


Think Again MN volunteers help community groups, including churches, unions, and community centers start monthly forums that fit within its mission.  Volunteers experienced with hosting forums can meet with hosts to share tips on what hosts can do to assure their forum is successful, provide assistance in helping hosts get started, and suggest speakers on topics that interest people in their community.

Think Again MN presents an annual forum series in Twin Cities locations on important issues for our state and nation, such as the fall series on Minnesota's Energy Future described on the home page.


Think Again MN maintains a Google calendar for forums on public issues that encourage its mission of informing the public on public policies that promote justice, fairness, and sustainability.

We maintain two calendars.  The Twin Cities Issues Calendar includes forums on a wide variety of topics related to providing a prosperous life for all our citizens and sustaining our environment for both present and future generations.  This Calendar includes both the monthly forums Think Again MN helps start and those held by colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, churches, and other community activists. Click here to see the Public Issues Calendar, which covers forums in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs. You can view the forums as a list with more complete titles, by clicking on "Agenda" at the top of the right column.

The Think Again MN Calendar includes forums of organizations that are affiliated with Think Again MN.  This Calendar feeds into the Upcoming Events in the right column of our website.


Our Think Again MN website is under development and will provide a steadily increasing amount of information on a wide range of issues including health care, education, transportation, fair elections, just distribution of wealth, taxation, energy, the environment, and ways citizens can get involved.  The website will include monthly materials on one or more topics for individual reading and small discussion groups. 

The Website also will also provide weblinks to national and Minnesota think tanks, issue organizations, and articles by researchers and issue experts.

We can also provide webpages for the forum notices of community groups affiliated with Think Again MN.  

Resources for Hosts

The Think Again MN website provides resources for helping hosts get started, serve their community with solid information, and grow their attendance.  This part of the website is available to hosts of issue forums and discussion groups.  Monthly issue documents are provided for discussion groups that would like to use them.

Speaker Suggestions

Think Again MN can provide speaker suggestions on many topics for groups that have attendance of 35 people or more.  Just send a Board member the topics in which your group is interested.  We know a variety of speakers or can suggest the organizations that are likely to have speakers on your topic.

Hosts' Group

Hosts can join an email group to get ongoing information, ask questions, help other hosts solve problems, and share successful ideas. 


Anyone who is interested can sign up for the email notice for any of the current forums:  the Stone Arch Discussion Group, the Achievement Gap Committee, and Think Again Brooklyns and for the monthly Think Again MN newsletter.  The newsletter includes information on issues and public policies with weblinks to articles and upcoming issue forums in the Twin Cities and suburbs.  Let us know which of the notices and newsletter you would like to receive by clicking on "Contact" and completing the email.

Speakers Bureau

MN350 has compiled a list of speakers who give presentations on topics related to climate change, fossil fuels, and the transition to clean energy.  If your organization or group would like to sponsor a climate change or energy forum, please contact us for a recommendation on a speaker.   

If possible, start planning your forum around 3 months ahead to allow time for arranging the speaker and publicizing your forum. Please copy and paste the questions below in your email and answer the questions below so that we can match your group's interests with an appropriate speaker.  Place "Energy Speaker" in the Subject Line. Return the form to Carol Woehrer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Chuck Prentice, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - One of them will reply to you.

Thank you for keeping people informed on climate change and clean energy.