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erin maye quade


Representative Erin Maye Quade


Saturday, October 14          8:30 - 10 a.m.


Wilde Roast Cafe

65 SE Main Street, Minneapolis



Erin Maye Quade is the Representative for 57A, Apple Valley.  From Women in Government:  It was during her time working with the Congressman Ellison that Erin Maye Quade decided to run for office herself. When attending a Sheridan Story program, an organization that provides weekend meals for students who would otherwise not have access to food, Rep. Maye Quade was astounded to see that childhood hunger went up 380% in her elementary school and no one was talking about it. After lamenting to Congressman Ellison about this, he asked her when she was going to run for office – something she had not considered before.

Addressing childhood hunger continues to be one of Rep. Maye Quade’s top priorities in office. She aims to provide schools with the necessary resources to properly and efficiently address the various issues children go to school with. “We have to stop putting all of our issues in our schools and then wondering why our teachers can’t handle all of it,” when we don’t provide them with the tools to address them. Other issues high on her list include smart gun violence prevention measures, women’s health and choice, transparency and accessibility in government, and especially removing systemic barriers to ensure “equal access to the Minnesota Dream.”


As usual, invite anyone interested--free and open to the public. Come, buy your coffee (the law is you can't bring food or drinks into a restaurant), learn a lot and have your questions ready.