The Market: A Really Bad Idea––March's Stone Arch Discussion PDF Print E-mail
Stone Arch
Written by John Farrell   
Monday, 02 March 2015 20:46

Sao Paulo Stock Exchange copy

Join us for a conversation with Dennis Paulaha about his latest book that asserts that "markets, as defined by economists, do not exist and that the damage caused by the false supply and demand idea is beyond calculation."

As usual, invite anyone interested--free and open to the public. Come, buy your coffee (the law is you can't bring food or drinks into a restaurant), learn a lot and have your questions ready.

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St. Paul's Racial Equity Policy, The Achievement Gap Committee PDF Print E-mail

The Next Brown Bag is ...

Tuesday, February 24                         Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Mount Zion Temple, 1300 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul 55105
(Hamline Avenue & Summit Avenue)

michelle walker

Michelle Walker - Chief Executive Officer - St. Paul Public Schools

St. Paul's Racial Equity Policy - An Updatesxd

Saint Paul Public Schools are now in the second phase of our Strong Schools, Communities Strategic Plan. Through the recently adopted Racial Equity policy, the district seeks to eliminate institutional racism and increase achievement while narrowing gaps between the highest and lowest performing students. Our presentation at the Achievement Gap Committee meeting will highlight our most recent efforts in implementing the Racial Equity policy.

RSVP:  The forum is free, but please let us know by clicking here if you plan to attend.

Parking:  There is ample off-street parking in Mt. Zion's own lot across the street to the east, right behind Kowalski's Market. 

Coffee and water are provided.


Sponsor:  the Achievement Gap Committee

Don Fraser and Grant Abbott, Co-convenors





The Dynamics of Domestic Violence` PDF Print E-mail


 domestic violence wordle


Tuesday, March 10
6 p.m. - Pizza and Social          6:30 p.m. - Discussion

Cafeteria, Hennepin Technical College

9000 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park 55445

Share and RSVP on Facebook or

Contact Carol Woehrer, 763-537-0816, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


At one time domestic abuse was considered a family matter.  It has become important for community members to understand what causes domestic violence and how we can reduce it because domestic violence affects entire communities.  It is very costly not only to the victims of domestic violence, but to society as a whole.  Domestic violence often causes serious physical harm, but that's not where its harm stops.  It can also lead to mental illness, inability of victims to work and give adequate care to their children, depression, and loss of self esteem.  Even when children are not themselves physically abused, the trauma of living in an abusive home environment can seriously affect their own brain development.  This makes it very difficult for them to learn in school and may lead them to abuse others. 


Topics for our spring forum are:

Defining Domestic Violence
Understanding Abuser Tactics
Victim Barriers

Detective Shane Husarik - Domestic Violence Unit
Brooklyn Park Police Department
Legal Advocates at Cornerstone
Andrea Jennings
Jena Reed



A Question and Answer Session will follow their presentations.
Speaker bios are available on the Facebook page for the event.

Parking:  Enter campus on Brooklyn Blvd.  Drive along road on right side until you see a sign for Lot 4.  Park near buildings and enter door J 2.



bp police bphr htc tamn





Why Is the U.S. Electorate So White? PDF Print E-mail


Because Our Voting System Is Broken. Here's How to Fix It.


By Stephen Wolf, The New Republic, December 24, 2014


"Elections lack democratic legitimacy when they do not reflect the wishes of the citizenry. In the case of the United States, we're carrying a legacy of an electoral system that was designed and built to favor white voters. That it still works that way isn't a shock. What's shocking is that we know how to fix it, and still haven't done so."  Read the article.





Community Empowerment with Guest Dane Smith PDF Print E-mail

Tuesday, February 10, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Channel 12, Northwest Community Television

       Host and Interviewer:  Roberta Martin

dane smith smallDane Smith - President
Growth and Justice

The Momentous Shift:  From an Anti-Tax, Anti-Government Narrative  toward Reducing Economic and Racial Inequality

The Underlying Challenges to Our State, Possible Solutions, and the Chance for Creative and Productive Solutions


Dane Smith had a 30-year career as a journalist for the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, where he developed a solid reputation reporting and writing about state, local and federal government and politics.

30-year career as a journalist for the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, where he developed a solid reputation reporting and writing about state, local and federal government and politics. - See more at:


30-year career as a journalist for the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, where he developed a solid reputation reporting and writing about state, local and federal government and politics. - See more at: 

Produced in Partnership with Northwest Community Television, Channel 12





Bright Future for Renewable Energy in MN PDF Print E-mail


wind turbine field


The Wind Energy Foundation’s “Powering Up Minnesota: A Report on The Benefits of Renewable Electricity Development” suggests Minnesota could supply more than 50 percent of its power needs through renewable energy by 2030 while creating more jobs and meeting federal carbon targets.  Wind project costs have dropped 50 percent in the last five years, while solar prices decreased 40 percent since 2010,  

However, the Wind Energy Founcation's report vastly underestimates solar’s potential contribution.  The report includes only the current 81 megawatts of solar energy in Minnesota.  Dustin Denison, president of Minnesota Solar Electricity Industry Association notes that the state’s new requirement that investor owned utilities produce 1.5 percent of their retail electricity sales from solar by 2020 will add a minimum of 450 MW by 2020.






Don Fraser and Al Quie Focus on Future Generations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lori Sturdevant   


The Quie-Fraser Example


don fraserquieSondra Samuels said aloud what others had been thinking Wednesday at a salute to two of Minnesota's favorite nonagenarians, former Minneapolis Mayor Don Fraser and former Gov. Al Quie: "I am so honored that we are not here doing a eulogy!"  Quie and Fraser were undoubtedly glad about that too.

But it was more than longevity and past accomplishments that were being praised as the two former elected officials, one DFLer, one Republican, were honored as part of the Citizens League's annual meeting and the sixth annual observance of the "Common Quest for Common Ground" series established in honor of the late Humphrey School dean John Brandl.

Samuels called attention to the work Quie and Fraser are still doing, today more together than apart, to spur organizations such as the one she heads, the Northside Achievement Zone, to lift families out of poverty via improved education for their children. With a voice thick with emotion, Samuels called them "my brothers" because "they love children and they love justice."






NY Times Calls for Rate Cap on Payday Loans PDF Print E-mail


The New York Times called for a rate cap on payday loans.  ". . .  the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that hidden fees and charges on payday loans were so high that only 15 percent of borrowers could raise the money to repay the total debt on time without quickly borrowing again."  See the New York Times editorial.





Payday Lending Power Point from Senator Hayden PDF Print E-mail


jeff haydenSenator Jeff Hayden was not able to attend our last forum on "Low Cost Alternatives to Payday Lending."  He sent the Power Point which he had prepared for his presentation. 


You can download it at:







Resources for Managing Your Money PDF Print E-mail


Make Your Dreams Come True

Control Your Money, Debt, and Credit



You can manage your money so you don't need to incur the huge costs of payday loans.  Yes, going to a payday lender to cash a check or take out a loan is easy, and the people who serve you are often friendly.  However, that friendly assuring manner comes with a big cost.  You will typically be required to pay back three times as much as you borrowed.  You can find out how to manage your money so that you can keep more for yourself and your family by taking advantage of workshops offered in and near Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center as well as online courses.




financial planning couple 2Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin offers workshops on budgeting, controlling your debt, and maintaining a good credit rating, as well as on the rights and responsibilities of renters, home ownership, and financial management for senior citizens.  You can find the upcoming courses by clicking on the homebuyer, renter, and financial literacy courses in the left hand column of their website:

TopLine Credit Union offers a variety of seminars related to youth financial literacy, paying less for college, survival budgeting, getting out of debt, retirement, insurance, homebuying, and business. You can find them at:


Online Education


financial planning couple

TCF Bank has an online Financial Education Center.  It offers modules that include an summary of what is included in the learning module, the instructions on the topic, and a brief quiz to check if you understood the lesson. Each module you complete is checked off. Eight lessons are currently included at the TCF Bank Education Center: Savings and Investments, Mortgages, Overdrafts, Payment Types and Credit Cards, Credit Scores and Reports, Identity Protection, Insurance and Taxes, and Financing Higher Education.  You will need to check in with a password which you enter the first time you use the Center.  Get started at:

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin has online instruction for home buying at:





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voter id laws discourage voting narrow

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A recent General Accounting Office study revealed that turnout was at least 1.9 percent lower in 2012 in Kansas vs 2008 and 2.2 percent lower in Tennesee as a result of new Voter ID laws.  That means it's likely 34,000 more Kansans and 88,000 Tennesseans would have voted if the new laws weren't in place.  Young people, black people, and newly registered people were the groups that saw the biggest drop in turnout.

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